Tag Train #19

1. Would you ever lie to someone to make them feel good about themselves? Yes.

2. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Diane Monique. Sound classy right? LOL!

3. What is your first thought when waking up in the morning? What time is it?

4. Do you need music to get ready in the morning? Nope.

5. What has been the most drastic change in your life in the past six months? We now have internet at home. woot!

6. If money was no object, would you have plastic surgery? Nope.

7. What do you think about marriage soon after the death of a spouse? I think one should heal first.

8. Do you think that love or level headedness is more important in marriage? Both.

9. How much fighting do you think is healthy for a marriage? Just enough. Fighting will make you and your spouse stronger, so it is needed from time to time.

10. What is one thing you want me to know about you? I can't sleep without a blanket.

Grabbed this from Chikai!