Receipt Printer

I remember when I was still selling diapers here at my parents house when Huey was still alive, I got so problematic of writing the sales on a notebook. I wish I have a receipt printer back then. My life will be much easier. I found one at which I want to have if ever I will go back into selling diapers again.

3 Pimples

Pimples are attacking me once again. Maybe this is because of the sleepless night I am experiencing. I was doing online tasks and checking emails and blogs. I have 3 pimples on my forehead now. I should get the best face creams on the mall or online. I saw one good review and I am thinking of trying it. Wish me luck that this pimple will go.


I am afraid of horror movies. I told my husband that I don't want him to joke around on horror scenes or I'll slap him if he do that. LOL! And now that ABS-CBN has this Florinda show, the more I got afraid to watch Primetime Bida. Sometimes I watch other shows more as I might came across that horror show when I tune in at ABS-CBN. So to avoid it I just tune in to other channels. that way I won't get nightmares when i sleep. =)

New Laptop

Hubby got me a new laptop last August for my birthday. We got the HP Pavillion DV5. It was what my husband want. I am so thankful as I already brought home our desktop. Now I can scrap without the internet. Well we doesn't have internet connection in our house. We just use the smart plug in for our internet use. And it is so hard to go online in that. It was fast but the cost is too much. It was like using the internet shop. So I always go to my parents house to use the internet. It was like going to the office everyday. =)

Mickey Mouse

I am a fan of Mickey Mouse since I was young. I always watch Mickey Mouse movies and dad will buy me anything from stationery to notebooks to cups that has Mickey Mouse in it. Too bad I wasn't able to preserve those when we moved. I wish I can still continue collecting things with Mickey Mouse. Maybe I can continue it when I have a kid already. Yah it is a great idea! I will have Mickey Mouse themes for his/her birthday and buy gifts with the character in it. Well, Mickey Mouse is easy to find. Almost everywhere you can see him. So my dream since I was a child to buy a Disney Tickets and visit Mickey Mouse is not yet coming true. Maybe I need to start saving up for it now that I am not too old for Disney trips. I might not be able to go there if I am already old. =(


I need to scout for a good and durable cabinet. Well, hubby and I doesn't have decent a closet. Yes poor us. That is why I need to get a cabinet from now on. Our clothes got dirty from exposure to dusts. My sister got a new cabinet for her clothes and I envy her. I wish I can buy soon. I might ask my husband if he can take the half of the cost in buying our cabinet. LOL!

New Moon

I can't wait for this movie. I watched Twilight and I love it so much. I can't really wait for the second part which is the New Moon.Edward is so freaking HOT! It will be shown in November. Two months to go and we will be ble to watch the love team of Edward and Bella again. Woot!!!

Physical Activity

It is important to us people to do some physical activities every now and then. Like paintball game or a marathon is a great activity. I am thinking of joining my friend to her paintball game next month. But first I need to get some Paintball barrels or else I won't be able to go and join them. I also need gears. Ugh and I can't buy it right now. We don't have no money for it. We have a lot of debts to pay. Maybe it can wait. So if ever you are looking for a site for paintball gears and barrels you can check out and look for the paintball category. Good Luck!


Yep I am working right now. Too many tasks to do. Online and offline. Sigh! But I must think positive thoughts. Tasks means money so I better work now or else I might regret later that I didn't finished what I need to do for today. I also need to keep in mind that I need money right now. I have something to pay from a friend.


I wanted to play with my camera more but due to a lot of tasks lately I can't play that much. But I am still continue my project 365 in which i am taking photos everyday. This way I am familiarizing myself in using my camera. And they said practice makes perfect right? So go go go Diane you can do it.

Study Again

Today I am thinking of going back to school. A friend said he will go back to school. Well maybe this is the time for me to try the GMAT prep that another friend suggested to me. There is this site called in which is an online schooling site. Study and learn whenever and wherever you want! This is such a nice opportunity to learn more and attain my goal. Wish me luck in thinking about this one.

Area Rugs

I need to suggest to mom a new area rugs for their living room. She rolled up her old one and is thinking of getting a new one. I saw this site that has a very good line of area rugs. I need to give this link to my mom. I am sure she'll love that site as I am drooling with their beautiful rugs right now. I hope mom can choose well this time. Her previous purchase is not a good one as it didn't last that long.


I was so depressed again the other night as I saw a recent photo of me. I am getting fatter again. This makes me sad. When will I ever learn how to control myself? I hate it! Been looking for the best fat burners online and I might take the plunge on that. I have lost patience on exercising and dieting. =(