Oh Christmas Tree

Before I read this dual diagnosis treatment online, I wanted to share to all of you my excitement for tomorrow. Maybe you are asking now what’s with tomorrow? Is there a major event or celebration? Nah… I will just decorate our tree finally! haha! I got yah didn’t I?

Today we went shopping for Christmas ornaments. Yey! I already set up our tree the other day and I wanted to have a blue tree so I am not using some of the ornaments which was used last last year. Yes we didn’t set up a tree last year (2010). I guess we we’re too busy with the renovation of the house and the coming of my little one that time. Plus we were at my parents house when I gave birth last October.

Oh well, Weeeee!!! I am so excited to put those blue ornaments  and Christmas lights that we bought today. I will surely take pictures and share them here soon. Wait for it ok?