Pretty Earrings!

I am super sleepy already. I need to go home now and rest. My eyes are tired already. I hope I can get enough rest after so many days of waking up early. Tomorrow I will surely wake up late!

After all of these sacrifices I guess I need a prize. I want a Designer Jewelry this time. Hello Honey are you reading my blog. wahahahahha! Just to give you some idea, I found a great site on designer jewelries. It is called Holsted Jewelers. And my goodness I found this!
What a sweet and beautiful earrings! I love the colors so much! I love the elegant style yet very girlish. Plus it has my birthstone peridot in it! Weeee!!! I like! I like! i like! My mom will love this earrings too! We are both so into jewelries.

I love this site so much. I bookmarked all of the jewelries that I want. So I hope I can get those soon. I am pretty excited!