Excited Mom

High School Graduation Announcements are given between February to March here in the Philippines as we have different school months from the US. But I have a friend who wants to prepare for her daughter's graduation party invitations as early as now. I was like "hello?" it's five months until March! Oh well I know she is just an excited mom.

I wanted to recommend to her a site that my friends got their college graduation invitations and high school graduation announcements. They recommended this site to me too. The site is called Express-Invitations with the link http://www.express-invitations.com/. They are one of the best sites where you can get free invitations plus a free shipping if you order with them. They can also make a special design for you if you can't find a particular design that you like. Now that's what I am looking for as this friend of mine is a very meticulous one.