Watched Desperate Housewives

I watched again desperate housewives season 4 episode 8 and 9 last night as I missed the last parts of these episodes. The shoe is getting more exciting! i love it!

Ok Episode 8 is entitled "Distant Past". This is the shortest summary I got over the web. Adam's surprised by a stalker from his past. Susan spies on Julie as Julie kisses her tattooed boyfriend. Detectives questions Gabrielle about Victor. Lynette's reunited with her stepfather Glen. Bree and Orson face marital problems.

And Episode 9 is entitled "Something's Coming". A tornado tears through Wisteria Lane. Susan tells Mike that if he doesn't get help for his drug problem she will leave him. Bree learns the truth about why Adam and Katherine left Chicago. After trying to kill Carlos, Victor dies in the tornado. Lynette fears for the lives of her family, after Mrs. McCluskey's house is destroyed while her family was inside.

I already watched the other episodes of Season 4 and 5. Now I understand some parts of the show. I got clueless when I skipped the last part of Episodes 8 and 9. Now I am updated. I am now waiting for the Season 6 Episode 4. I can't wait!