Naga City

Today we went to naga City to fetch the Yaya of my nephew. One yaya is not enough to my two naughty nephew and niece. they just rumble each other and a young and small yaya can't handle them so my brother got another one. Naga City is 2 hours away from our place. My brother asked me if I want to go with them. Of course I went as he said we will be visiting SM mall. hahahha! I went because of my intend to shop. hahahha!

The trip was super tiring. But I was happy as I got to shop. And we also dropped by CWC because my brother wanted to visit the place. It was my 4th time there I think. I just took a photo of my brother and his kids then after 30 minutes we went home.

I had fun today but I was in a hurry to go home as I have a lot of things to finish.