November 1

My goodness I am so harassed today!Yesterday we went to the cemetery to visit Huey before lunch and started putting up the temporary roof for Huey’s place at the cemetery. We haven’t have Huey’s place a roof because of financial problems. Hubby promised that next year there will be roof already. We stayed there and went to my Aunt’s house which is very near to the cemetery to have lunch. The food was delicious! After eating lunch we went home because Jun has to compute the salary of our bus’ driver and conductor. We went back to the cemetery at 3:45pm to offer a mass for Huey. The mass started at 4:15pm. There are a lot of families offering a mass for their departed loved ones. I wanted to offer Huey a mass not because it is what everyone is doing but the love I have for him. I wanted him to be safe there and be at peace already. After the mass my brother, sister-in-law, cousins and my dad arrived. We were excited to see each other again. All our voices were all over the cemetery!! hihiihih! We can’t stop the chit chats and laughter. I also consider this day a reunion for my family. Some of my cousins are in Manila already. They went home to visit our departed relatives and of course Huey.

There are a lot of foods that mom cooked and they bring it on the cemetery for us. I didn’t even ate my dinner because I was too full eating bihon and bread. We played cards there and enjoy the visit with Huey. We even slept there. Some of my cousins, my dad, mom, and my brother went home already. We we’re 6 left there. At 3:00 am my two cousins went home because they can’t sleep there and it is so cold there. Imagine we managed to sleep there with only 1 sweater and 1 tshirt. My cousin was so lucky to get a blanket. It was like the air con with the highest temperature in a very small room! I was shaking already and thank God Jun was there to hug me. 1 cousin, my sister, Jun and I were left there until 5:00 am. Dad fetched my sister at 5:00am and my cousin went home as well. I saw the beautiful sunset and wow it smiled on me saying this day will be a great day for you. I am so thankful that we got to be with Huey for 1 day. We miss him so much! We went home at 6:00am to take a bath and Jun has to go to the bus terminal to get the remittance of the bus who is not traveling because the driver and conductor will go to the cemetery to visit their love ones. What happened to me???? I slept again! I was too sleepy because I can’t sleep well at the cemetery well. I woke up at 11:30am. Ate our lunch and went to the cemetery again. At 1pm Jun and our maid’s husband removed the roof and we said our goodbye to Huey. I was sad but happy as well. I know Huey was very happy we we’re there with him.

That’s what happened to me yesterday and today. I hope your visit to your love ones at the cemetery went well also.