Seduce Women

A friend of mine who is my age ym'ed me this morning. He put the crying smiley face. I was concern about him because he is my friend and I wonder why he is crying. I asked him why and he said he has a problem. A big problem. I asked him again what is the problem and I offered him my help. He said he was too depressed today because he is getting old already with no girlfriend still. He want to settle down already since he is already 25 years old. And I asked him what happened to his Girlfriend that I met. He said that it is also the reason why he is crying. The girl leave him for no reason at all. Well, maybe the girl doesn't love him anymore or the other way around. So I told him to just let her go. Maybe they aren't suited for each other. Maybe there is someone out there for him. I believe there is still a chance for him to get a new girlfriend. I pity this friend of mine because when we were still in college (Not my classmate thought) he always tell me that he is eyeing this particular girl. But in the end he never tells the girl that he loves her. He always down! He sometimes think that he is not loved anymore. But our friends always remind him that we are there for him and we love him dearly.

This morning I advice him to learn how to seduce women properly. It is a very good points to women when a man knows how to get us and how to treat us. And I think if you are serious in having a relationship with a girl, there should be no room to be a player. You must love the girl. You must also prioritize the girl first. Give her what she wants. But don't spoil her she might take advantage. You also must read the body language attraction of a girl. If it is the right time to pop the right words then go! To know more about learning on how to seduce women go to and you will learn a lot there. They help you with getting the girl you ever want. They also give some tips on how to seduce a woman.

So Good luck to whatever you are thinking right now and Be good always!