Make Over

I love magazines more than books. I love the glossy pages and the photos that is in it. When I was still in college I am collecting fashion magazines like seventeen, candy and cosmopolitan. I was waiting for the issues every month. And I am saving my money for it. I am so addicted to magazines before. Even my boyfriend, now my husband, is always asking me why I am buying a lot of magazines. And I tell him I don't know. hahahahahaha!

I specially love those beautiful models I see on the mag. I often wonder if their face is really flawless and their body are natural. Because nowadays plastic surgery is already not new. I saw an article about tummy tuck and the model has a good surgery of her tummy. I wish I can also do that. hahahah! I also saw that a woman is trying to find sites that is offering surgeries. I found this site about california tummy tuck and I wanna suggest it to her. And also the Beverly hills cosmetic surgeon. I know they are good because a lot of clients are coming back for them. And there are a lot of good reviews about the site. I wish I can find that woman so that I can suggest to her this great site about surgeries.

Well, back to the magazine, I love seeing sections where there are makeovers. Beauty makeover or a room makeover. I love how the transformation takes place. And I am wishing I can also have a make over. Right now I sometime buy the mommy magazines like good housekeeping and smart parenting, though I have no child right now I still buy those mag sometimes. I also love Working Mom magazine because of the scrapbook section there. And I also see some mommy makeover which busy moms are the target. I am so happy that a lot of magazines are noticing busy moms who can't even grab a lipstick to put on their lips.

I am talking about mags now and all I think of right now is I wanna grab some mag and read. Better start moving. Bye for now!