Q & A

1. Who has your heart? Hubby has my heart. And that’ll be forever.
2. How did you wake up this morning? Hubby woke me up because it is already 8:30am!!!!
3 . Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? I love the sunset. It is too early to see the sunrise. heheheh!
4. Are you wearing any non-clothing? Yes. My flip fops.
5. What did you do last night? I watched the TV and slept.
6. Who was the last person you kissed? My husband. I said goodbye to him this morning.
7. Would you kiss that person, again? Over and over again.
8. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Yes. After breakfast.
9. What did you drink today? Water only.
10 . Do you like honey? Yah. I love honey. I like it on my bread.
11. What’s the last thing you broke? None. I can’t remember I broke something.
12. Do you know the date? November 30th.
13. Where’s the last place you went shopping? Booksale. For my magazines yesterday.
14 . Did you sing at all today? Yes. But I forgot the song already. hahaha!
16. How many letters are there in your last name? 10. Long noh?
17. When did you go swimming LAST? Last summer I think.
18 . Do you love anyone other than family? Yep. My friends.
19. What book did you read last? hmmmm.. scrapbook related books. hehehehhe!
20. Is your shirt dirty? Nope.
21 . Do you live near your best friend? Yah but she is now in Manila.
21. Are you a Bon Jovi fan? Nope. But I like their song.
22. Are you scared of snakes? Super!