Christmas Plans

I can't wait till Christmas! This year we will be celebrating our party in our house. It will be a first time! And I need to fix our house well. So that my relatives will be comfy in our place. I am also thinking of what to prepare for my menu. So do you have any suggestions? I am thinking of serving cheese sticks and palabok because they will be bringing the other menus. We assigned the menu by family so that it will be fair for everyone. I can't wait!

I am still thinking of what to buy for my manita. And for Jun's too! Honey and I will go to the mall again tomorrow to buy gifts again! hahahaha! And maybe Honey will buy wines for our Christmas party. There are good wines out there. And speaking of wines, did you know that there is a wine of the month club online? If you are a wine fanatic you should check them out. They have amazing wines and the best one out there!

So whats your plans this Christmas?